June 2012

Produced by superstar Doug Perkins, Guilford Sound hosted 30 percussionists who gathered in the Vermont woods to perform John Luther Adam’s environmental composition, Inuksuit, a flexible piece designed to be performed by 9-99 musicians in an outdoor venue where nature plays its own part. It was a huge undertaking, but the rain held off, the musicians were so nice and respectful, and I think we got a great recording. Stay tuned for sound and video….

Producer:Doug Perkins, Assistant Producer: Devin Maxwell, Production Assistants: Phil Hermans, Ryan Maguire, Performers: Thad Anderson, Noam Bierstone, Omar Camenartes, Mike Compitello, Nathan Davis, Chris Demitriou, Rob Elser, Diego Espinosa, Matt Evans, Tim Feeney, Ben Fraley, Amy Garapic, Russell Greenberg, Nathaniel Hartman, Phil Hermans, Ayano Kataoka, Ryan Maquire, Sharif Mamoun, Krystina Marcoux, Murray Mast, Carson Moody, Annie Laurie Mauhs-Pugh, Ben Reimerv, Bill Solomon, Jeff Stern, Chris Twist, Lisa Tolentino, Alessandro Valiante, Owen Weaver.