October 2012

Fall in Vermont! The glorious smell of decay. When is the last time you raked leaves? That simple act brings back so many childhood memories. We used to rake the leaves into a pile, and I mean REALLY rake the leaves, till we were sweating and there was a small mountain at our disposal. Then, when we all mentally agreed it was time, we’d dive in and roll around like dogs. That feeling of lying there in the bed you’d made, looking up at the sky, the world so full of possibilities.

I suggested to my daughters that we rake the lawn and jump in the leaf piles. They looked at me like I’d just birthed a jack-o-lantern. Maybe if I let them bring their laptops? But they don’t know how determined I am that they enjoy their childhoods. Even if have to pull out all the stops and threaten to take away trick-or-treating. I’m going home right now, I’m raking a big pile of leaves, and I will FORCE THEM INTO IT.

As soon I have one more cup of coffee and finish up here on the computer.