October 2012 – Part II

It was time for a road trip. Last week Dave, Matt and I piled in the minivan and headed down to NYC for this year’s CMJ conference. We were on the lookout for some new talent and also wanted to attend the industry panels to see what’s new.

In case you didn’t hear, the industry is at a crossroad. I sort of felt like the chickens are so busy trying to cross the road, they forget they are all just food. Know what I mean? But there were some great panels that focused on the future instead of kvetching about the past, and over all we learned a lot and are excited about how we at Guilford Sound can best help new artists.

Matt got to late-night skateboard around central park and delivered one of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard. Seriously, he never needs to speak again. Dave loved the band Opossum so much he actually made a few movements that could have been construed as dancing in some countries. And he took us to Katz’s. Best boss ever! I enjoyed $20 martini’s and making up band names (email me if you want to hear the winner).