Toni Atari

March, 2014

Toni Atari was recently here recording backing vocals for her tracks Problem Boy and Meteor. I asked her if she had a photo we could post, and she generously offered up these kind words about the studio:

Toni Atari

Toni Atari

“Pop musician and southern Vermont sound pretty much mutually exclusive. To have a state of the art sound studio in this breathtakingly beautiful place that I call home is some kind of heavenly blessing. I recently took two tracks, Meteor and Problem Boy, to Guilford Sound with my fingers crossed–I needed to get some final backing vocals and harmonies recorded and had a tight deadline to do so.  

Over the past few years I’ve had to take dozens of four hour commute back and forth between Brattleboro and Manhattan to find studios and engineers that can handle the demands of recording and mixing pop tracks. Not to mention that have a respect and understanding of modern pop aesthetic. 

And now–yay!! There is Guilford Sound!

Dave Snyder was incredibly efficient both technically and creatively.  He brought an amazing ease and trust to the recording session, and I quickly felt right at home working as a team to bring the dance track Problem Boy to a whole new level of pop awesomeness. 

Matt, the engineer who recorded the final harmonies for the Meteor, was also a real pleasure to work with. He cultivated an easy, laid back environment where the emotional performance required to get the soulful ballad soaring was quickly accomplished. 

I am sure to return for my upcoming recording needs and I’m looking forward to exploring all the other capacities of this gorgeous studio as my career progresses. 

Thank you Guilford Sound! You’re beautiful!”

Awww, thanks Toni. You are beautiful, too.