• All discrete 64 input API Legacy with Martin Sound Flying Faders and 550L 4 band eq’s on every channel. The first 16 channels are also outfitted with 212L mic pre’s. To the right of the center section there is a 500 Series Slots Console, home to 15 mixed and matched 500 modules including 5 original 550A’s recently recapped in-house, and an assortment of Purple Audio eq’s and compressors. We do have other 500 series modules available for plug and play.
  • 16 New Millenuim HV 32 200 Series Mic Preamps occupy the last 16 channels.
  • Parked next to the Legacy is a 12 channel Neve Melbourne sidecar loaded with 12 3115 modules and retrofitted with direct outs and Flying Faders. The stereo buss is normalled to the API’s master section so sub mixes on the Melbourne can be routed to the Legacy’s Grand Master Stereo Fader at the push of a button. This sidecar was recently serviced and recapped by Matt Marinelli at Coral Sound.
  • Custom designed and fabricated Coral Sound 64 point ultrawide aluminum TT patchbays. All points made of nickel.